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ChaNGa (Charm N-body Gravity solver)

To run my simulations I use the N-body+Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics code, ChaNGa. Follow the link above to the public version of the code. I have worked on developing an updated sub-grid model for supermassive black hole physics in ChaNGa which you can read about here. If you are interested in using this aspect of the code, which is not available in the public release, please contact me.

TANGOS (The Agile Numerical Galaxy Organization System)

TANGOS is a python framework and web interface for database-driven analysis of numerical galaxy formation simulations. Developed by Andrew Pontzen and myself, TANGOS aims to streamline the analysis and organization of simulation data through the use of a schema-less database framework, all while working with whatever simulation formats or analysis tools the user prefers. You can read the paper for more details. The code is all currently publicly available. Follow the link above to the github page and tutorial.


The analysis tool I use in my work, in tandem with TANGOS, is pynbody, a publicly available, python-based analysis tool for simulation data. I am currently a contributor to the code. Read more aobut the code here, or follow the link above to the github page and tutorial.

ICInG (Isolated Collapse Initial conditions Generator)

I've developed a code to generate initial conditions meant to proxy an isolated overdensity. For any given virial mass, collapse time, and angular momentum, the code will generate an appropriate initial condition, approximating the overdense region as a single radial cosine wave. No substructure is modeled. The code was used to generate test simulations in this paper. Follow the link above to the github page. The code is publicly available.

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