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Undergraduate and High School Level Teaching Experience

As a graduate student at the University of Washington, I was a teaching assistant for basic astronomy courses -- Astronomy 101, 150 (the planets), and 115 (Astrobiology). By the time I left UW, I had taught over 600 students as a TA and worked with five different lecturers.

I've also given stand-alone lectures for a 101-level undergraduate course and a summer research program for high school students, both at Yale.

Graduate level Teaching Experience

I've given lectures for two different graduate level courses (Cosmology and Physics of Astrophysics).

The Pre-Major in Astronomy Program (Pre-MAP)

Pre-MAP at the University of Washington (Seattle) provides an introduction to research methods (coding, reading papers, presenting results) for beginning undergraduates with a focus on students traditionally underrepresented in STEM. I was involved with the program for all 6 years I was at UW. I acted as an instructor, academic mentor, and research mentor for the program. As an instructor, I developed a curriculum for the program, complete with coding assignments, which you can find here . This curricumum, as well as the ones you can get from the Pre-MAP webpage , is based on the work done by a long line of Pre-MAP instructors dating back over 10 years, but includes much of my own additions. For more information on Pre-MAP, how to apply if you are a student, or for the most current curriculum materials, see the Pre-MAP webpage .

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